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Corporate Strategy

EDAcon's management team has extensive experience in the EDA industry. It has seen many companies and technologies rise and fall, and has broad contacts in the EDA industry. This enables EDAcon to help EDA and IP vendors define their corporate strategy and develop the appropriate materials.

A few examples of projects EDAcon was/is involved in:
  • EDAcon was hired by EDA vendors to help them define the strategy to sell the company or a product line. It helped them develop the needed material and drove the meetings with potential acquirers.
  • EDAcon was hired by an EDA vendor who acquired a smaller EDA company to analyze the sales team and activities of the acquired company.
  • EDAcon recognized an opportunity for a vendor it works with to reach a strategic partnership with a leader in its industry. EDAcon presented the idea to the leader and made the partnership happen.
  • EDAcon developed press releases for several vendors.
  • EDAcon helped several vendors manage their 3rd party relationships.
  • EDAcon helped EDA and IP vendors develop their corporate presentations, connect to VCs, and search for funding.