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Application Engineering Training

EDAcon Partners provides an advanced training for Application Engineers (AEs) and any technical staff in the company improving their sales and communication skills and increasing their effectiveness as part of the sales team.

While most AEs are very competent on the technical side, many of them have not received training on how to operate efficiently as part of a sales team, leveraging their advantage of direct contact with the customer engineers. This training was developed by a senior AE with over 10 years of experience and was already given successfully to multiple AE teams around the world.

The training can be tailored to specific company needs and covers:
  • Pre-project consulting and Technical Sales support
  • Evaluations and benchmarks (risks vs. benefits, organization, execution)
  • Project and Product (post sales) support
  • Customer training
  • Understanding the commercial context (value chain, roles, interactions)
  • Situation assessment and engagement planning (stakeholder analysis, other tools)
  • Meeting skills (tools, process, role plays)
  • Expectation setting
  • Handling emotions and personal stress
  • Dealing with challenging or upset customers