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Sales Strategy

EDAcon’s CEO, Coby Hanoch has 30 years of experience in the EDA industry, with a broad knowledge of the EDA space and vast sales and management experience. Coby set up Verisity Design's worldwide sales channel and played a major role in developing creative and uncommon sales strategies which enabled Verisity's sales to grow exponentially.

This unique experience enables EDAcon to help its customers review their existing sales strategy and process and, when appropriate, propose ways to improve it or change it in order to maximize sales efficiency and revenues.

The fact that EDAcon is not part of the vendor's team allows EDAcon to review the sales strategy and process from a different angle and propose fresh new ideas to its customers.

A few examples of ways in which EDAcon helped its customers are:
  • EDAcon realized the licensing model of a specific product was severely limiting the number of copies sold to even large projects. With a simple change in the model the potential number of licenses grew by orders of magnitude.
  • EDAcon helped a vendor realize that it was focusing on the wrong customer profile and in the wrong territory. Once they started focusing on a different customer profile in a different territory activity rose dramatically.
  • EDAcon identified a strategic partnership opportunity for one of its vendors and drove the negotiations of this opportunities to closure.
  • One of the vendors was stuck in a negotiation on a worldwide agreement with a major semiconductor company. EDAcon was requested to help and managed to close the agreement within weeks.
  • EDAcon constantly helps its customers prioritize where to invest more resources to maximize their sales potential. 
  • EDAcon developed product presentations, brochures, posters and other sales/marketing material for several vendors.