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Worldwide Sales Channel

EDAcon Partners enables outsourcing of the sales activities at the worldwide level or for specific territories. EDAcon will manage all the sales activities in the territories it is responsible for, including:
  • Ramping up the local representatives on sales of the products
  • Following up with them on customer potentials
  • Supporting the reps in customer negotiations
  • Providing weekly status reports to the vendors
  • Updating on specific sales situations
EDAcon Partners' network consists of highly experienced representatives, each chosen after a deep study of the territory and the local representatives in it, and after checking references.

The vast majority of these representatives have been working with EDAcon’s management for many years, and the chemistry between them has already been established. The result is a strong team which functions well together and already has established processes, such as weekly status calls, weekly reports, etc.

The local representatives are actual companies, not one-man shows. They have strong salespeople and provide local technical support as well. In many cases these reps also have their own outsourcing services teams who also provide subcontracting services to their customers.
Working with EDAcon Partners is the most efficient way to ramp up many teams in parallel and start sales.