October 29, 2012

Jasper Releases Two Property Synthesis Apps Targeted At Early RTL Qualification And Coverage-Driven RTL Verification

Achieves High Confidence in Design Sign-Off Quality

October 29, 2012, MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Jasper Design Automation, the leading provider of verification solutions based on state-of-the-art formal technology, has announced the availability of two new property synthesis Apps as part of the family of JasperGold Apps, which addresses a wide range of design and verification issues. The JasperGold® Structural Property Synthesis (SPS) App is used to detect and eliminate common functional design errors and ensure that code is clean before validation starts. JasperGold’s Behavioral Property Synthesis (BPS) App accelerates verification closure by leveraging both RTL and simulation information to find and fill coverage holes, thereby increasing functional coverage and raising the overall assertion density. Both Apps support SystemVerilog and VHDL languages for maximum flexibility.

“Integrating Jasper’s formal property synthesis solutions into our verification flow provides us an advantage,” commented Takashi Nakajima, Team Leader of R&D Development-2, at STARC (Semiconductor Technology AcademicResearch Center).  “STARC looks to leverage these Jasper property synthesis capabilities for their designs as part of the Co-operative EDA tool evaluation project in STARC.The JasperGold property synthesis apps will improve the quality of our verification environment beyond what can be achieved today solely with simulation. ”

JasperGold Structural Property Synthesis App
The JasperGold Structural Property Synthesis App is used early in the validation process without the need to write a testbench or provide any stimuli. The structural properties are extracted from the RTL semantics and are used in early RTL development as well as RTL sign-off. These structural properties can be configured from a wide variety of pre-defined functional checks such as dead code checks, finite state machine (FSM) checks, arithmetic overflow checks, etc. The JasperGold SPS App is tightly integrated with the entire set of JasperGold Apps drastically reducing the amount of checks that go undetected, un-proven, and un-diagnosed. Properties can be ranked, pre-classified and output in standard SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA) which can then be used in any assertion-based verification (ABV) flow such as simulation, formal analysis or emulation to increase functional coverage and reduce debug time.  The JasperGold SPS App provides a fully automated flow to identify and generate checks without the need to annotate the RTL.

JasperGold Behavioral Property Synthesis App
The JasperGold Behavioral Property Synthesis App increases productivity and reduces time-to-market by generating assertions, constraints, and covers using the RTL and the existing simulation results obtained from batch simulations (FSDB/VCD) or interactive simulation (PLI). JasperGold’s BPS App is unique in its ability to create ‘white-box’ and ‘black-box’ properties as well as temporal multi-cycle properties. In addition, JasperGold’s BPS App can synthesize properties for signals from different modules across different levels of hierarchy. As with JasperGold’s SPS App, BPS provides an automated method for ranking and pre-classifying properties. The JasperGold BPS App ranks synthesized properties according to their added functional verification value compared to design and manually written assertions, to reduce the number of property candidates the engineer must review. Moreover, the Apps methodology provides a unique flow that allows engineers to combine the BPS App and other JasperGold Apps to speed formal verification that significantly increases formal proof convergence. BPS supports both VCD and FSDB/VCD file formats.

“The addition of BPS and SPS Apps to Jasper’s Apps portfolio reinforces our commitment to provide users of our technology with a wide range of solutions, a shared interactive environment and a flexible deployment model,” said Rajeev Ranjan, chief technology officer, Jasper Design Automation. “Providing two separate apps for property synthesis verification allows users to more easily adopt formal technology for their specific use model and reap the most value from our unique formal technology.”

About JasperGold Apps
JasperGold Apps are built on a single platform that combines multiple formal-based solutions and leverages a common shared database and user interface.  The Apps architecture enables sharing of design and verification data for each design under test (DUT) between Apps for increased consistency and productivity.  The Apps architecture supports deployment of multiple Apps simultaneously as well as multiple invocations of the same App for improved throughput and performance.

The Apps architecture is extensible such that customers can take advantage of future Apps that will address emerging design and verification needs.  The design and verification challenges that customers have addressed by creating flows using our formal technology have been the inspiration for several Apps.  Customers will be able to continue to leverage the powerful and highly programmable platform in JasperGold to develop their customized flows.

Both the JasperGold Structural Property Synthesis App and the JasperGold Behavioral Property Synthesis App are available now.  For pricing and sales inquiries, please contact info@jasper-da.com.

About Jasper Design Automation
Jasper Design Automation delivers industry-leading software solutions for semiconductor design, verification, and Intellectual Property (IP) reuse, based on state-of-the-art formal technology.  Customers include worldwide leaders in the wireless, consumer, computing, and networking electronics industries. Jasper technology has been an essential part of 150 plus successful chip deployments.  Headquartered in Mountain View, California, the company is privately held, with offices and distributors in North America, South America, Europe, Israel, and Asia.  Visit www.jasper-da.com to reduce risks, increase design, verification and reuse productivity and accelerate time to market.


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