June 7, 2010

Obsidian Software Expands Worldwide, Partners with EDAcon Partners
June 7, 2010 Austin, Texas and Hod-HaSharon, Israel

Obsidian Software, Inc., a growing processor verification company, and EDAcon Partners Ltd., a sales and marketing outsourcing company, announced today the expansion of Obsidian’s sales internationally. Both companies stand to benefit from the rising strength in the semiconductor industry, which has outperformed the broader technology sector thus far this year.

“EDA firms like Obsidian Software are positioned to grow in this economy and can take advantage of our global network of representatives, knowing that an experienced manager is driving their sales in the specified territories,” said Coby Hanoch, President and CEO of EDAcon Partners. Hanoch founded EDAcon Partners in 2007. Prior to this, Hanoch established sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia while serving as VP of Worldwide Sales for Verisity Design, Inc. and VP of Verification Sales at Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Obsidian’s engineering team specializes in processor design testing through creation of functional test suites and random test generators. Austin and Silicon Valley have always been profitable for Obsidian, but with chip sales up worldwide, Obsidian is positioned to grow internationally.

EDAcon offers a sales outsourcing model for EDA vendors, saving companies like Obsidian significant resources by providing a worldwide network of experienced sales representatives. EDAcon sales representatives are local to each country and have a proven track record of selling EDA products.

“Through this investment in sales, Obsidian will continue to expand its reach in the semiconductor industry and advance our reputation as a leader in processor verification. We have demonstrated a strong track record across a variety of architectures such as ARM, MIPS, X86, Power ISAs, and proprietary RISC/CISC implementations for SoC core designs,” said Mark Glenewinkel, COO of Obsidian Software.

About Obsidian Software
Obsidian Software, a privately held company, has been providing processor verification products, verification consulting and training services to processor designers and semiconductor fabs since 1997. Obsidian’s RAVEN software has been used to successfully verify dozens of processor implementations by many of the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Obsidian has been recognized as part of the INC500, Austin Heavy Hitters, and Austin Fast 50.

About EDAcon Partners
EDAcon Partners enables EDA and IP vendors to outsource their sales activities, including definition of sales strategy and development of marketing materials. With its worldwide network of representatives, EDAcon Partners provides an instant sales channel with proven abilities, saving EDA and IP vendors the enormous investment in time and money needed to find and ramp up representatives in every country.


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