Why EDAcon?
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Corporate Philosophy

EDAcon Partners believes in close cooperation and long term partnerships.
Its key goal is to provide significant value to both the vendors and the representatives it works with, otherwise there is no right for its existence. In order to provide this value, EDAcon has developed a unique approach enabling the vendors to outsource their sales activities and set up a sales channel quickly and at a fraction of the cost. Its representatives benefit by having EDAcon find the best technologies for them to sell, helping them grow their businesses.

EDAcon believes in providing full solutions. The vendors need more than just a salesperson. They need a local partner who will provide the customers with sale and technical support. They need a partner who can help improve the sales process and help them in their alliances with other vendors. They need help in developing technical marketing materials. EDAcon provides them with these solutions.

EDAcon believes in high quality products and high quality services and provides the best sales channel for the best products.