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Coby Hanoch
President & CEO

Coby has 30 years of experience in EDA. He started his career as a verification engineer at National Semiconductors and quickly moved to manage the team which developed the internal verification products. Later he became CAD manager at ACRI, France, a company developing a European supercomputer. ACRI was one of the largest EDA customers in the world at that time enabling Coby to get a deep understanding of the customer needs on the one hand, and experience as an EDA buyer negotiating multi-million $US deals on the other. This experience became an important asset when managing large sales campaigns.

In 1995 Coby joined 4 colleagues to start Verisity, where he was responsible for setting up the new offices worldwide. After setting up the Israeli activity Coby relocated to Boston and set up the local office there. Later Coby moved to California and helped set up the offices in the rest of the US as well as remotely hired the representative in Japan.

In 1999 Coby became VP and GM European Operations and moved to Paris to set up the European offices of Verisity. Within 2 years sales increased 18X and all major European companies became customers. In 2002 Coby took over responsibility for Asia, hired local representatives for each country, and set up the business there increasing sales 10X in 2 years.

As Verisity’s Sr. VP WW Sales, Coby led a team of over 100 Sales/AE to great success which contributed to the Acquisition of Verisity by Cadence in 2005. At Cadence Coby was VP WW Verification Sales and helped the integration of the sales teams.

Later Coby became President & CEO of PacketLight Networks where he led the company to a turnaround and back on the growth path.

This broad experience enabled Coby to learn both the EDA industry as well as the local culture, including the business culture, in many countries around the world.

Coby holds a BSc degree in Systems Design from the Israeli Institute of Technology.

Vardit Hanoch
VP Marketing

Vardit is VP Marketing of EDAcon and is also filling this role in the Satris Group, EDAcon's representative in Israel. Prior to EDAcon Vardit was Cadence’s Verification Account Technical Manager in Israel, managing the sales of verification products to the Israeli market. Before that Vardit served as a Verification Consulting Engineer at Verisity and was responsible for technical support of customers in Asia, focusing on Korea, and later in Israel. Prior to Verisity Vardit was BroadLight’s Verification manager, and a Verification engineer at ECI Telecom Ltd.

Vardit holds a BSc degree in Biology from the Ben Gurion University and an MSc degree in Molecular Genetics from the Weizmann Institute of Science.