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Why EDAcon?

The real value of an EDA startup is in its technology and the way it is implemented in the products it develops.

While many EDA startups dream of becoming big companies, the reality is that the only real exit strategy is acquisition. However, the startup has to pass a major hurdle first - it has to show that customer like and want this technology and are willing to pay for it. The acquisition price is mostly a function of the sales volume of the startup.

Building a worldwide sales network is not a simple task. In each territory the vendors need to look for potential representatives or salespeople, interview them, check their ability to provide technical support, and decide who the best one is. Then they need to negotiate an agreement with that representative, understand the business culture in the country and how to deal with it, train and ramp up the representative, develop relationships with the key customers, etc. In some cases it turns out the representative is not a good one or isn't focused enough and needs to be replaced, wasting even more resources.

This process requires significant time, normally spanning several years to set up the operation worldwide. It is also very expensive and includes salaries, travel and other expenses which quickly amount to several millions of $US.

And the absurd thing is that when the company is acquired the buyer often says that since they have a large sales channel already they don't really need the sales channel of the startup and it has no value for them.

EDAcon Partners offers EDA and IP vendors a unique service, enabling them to ramp up activities worldwide quickly and efficiently with minimal costs.

EDAcon provides EDA and IP vendors with a full solution. It did all the research and set up a sales network to which the sales activity can be outsourced. The vendor can focus on its core business – developing its products, and outsource the sales activities to EDAcon. EDAcon’s team consists of an experienced VP Sales who manages a strong worldwide network of reps with very good contacts to the customer base.

In addition, EDAcon provides consulting on the sales strategy and can help the vendors see things from a different angle. New sales procedures can be defined allowing more efficient sales and a faster path to revenues.

And, last but not least, EDAcon can also provide technical marketing support, developing demos, application notes, whitepapers, presentations and more.

EDAcon Partners: Dramatically shortening your time-to-revenue and increasing your value at acquisition