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Customer references

Customer references

"Jasper was growing fast in the US but needed help expanding internationally. We hired Coby as our VP International Sales and engaged with the EDAcon reps in Asia and Europe, and together they grew our presence in Asia and Europe. Later Coby was promoted to VP Worldwide Sales and helped grow the sales until we were acquired by Cadence."
Kathryn Kranen
Jasper Design Automation

“Micrologic reached the point of deciding on its sales strategy when we heard of EDAcon and its worldwide network of reps. We immediately recognized the great savings, both in time and money, made possible by outsourcing the sales activity, and immediately decided to outsource all our sales activity to EDAcon making Coby our VP Sales. Coby’s vast knowledge of the EDA industry, the different companies, and many key decision-makers in the customer base enabled us to ramp up the sales much faster than we originally planned”.
Ilan Kenig
Micrologic Design Automation

“EDAcon’s vast knowledge of the Asian market and business cultures and its broad network of representatives enabled us to start selling in these regions almost immediately, eliminating the need of investing significant effort and money to set up our own sales channel”.
Cristian Amitroaie

“Obsidian was focused on sales in the US for many years. Expanding into Europe and especially Asia was a challenge – finding good reps who will understand our technology, understanding the business culture and how to manage the sales in the different countries, etc. EDAcon made things very simple for us as it provided us with local representatives and it manages them for us”.
Eric T. Hennenhoefer
President & CEO and Co-Founder
Obsidian Software

“We needed help in developing and testing our products. We turned to EDAcon Partners who managed to quickly assign engineers to perform these tasks to our satisfaction”
Danny Rittman
Founder and CTO
Micrologic Design Automation

“When we started Rosetta IP we had a certain view of which territories and markets we should focus on. We contracted Coby Hanoch to work with us in developing the company go-to-market plan, and effectively as a result of series of meetings we had came to realize the essentials of the plan. Consequently our business started growing rapidly and EDAcon Partners with its worldwide network of reps, is now helping us implement our sales strategy.”
Omri Raisman
Co-Founder, Managing Director
Rosetta IP

“When we started the company we needed help on the strategic side. EDAcon Partners helped us develop marketing material and documents needed for a round of funding, and helped us get in touch with VCs and other potential investors”
Tito Mandler
Founder and CTO